“Imported Strikebreakers Take Jobs of Minneapolis–St. Paul Taxpayers”

Artifact Type Labor Newspapers, Sources
Publication Minneapolis Labor Review
Number X64
Page Number 1
Place Minneapolis, MN
Publication Date September 27, 1927
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Headline: “Imported Strikebreakers Take Jobs of Minneapolis–St. Paul Taxpayers”

Minneapolis, Minn
September 19th,
1 9 2 7

No doubt, by this time you have learned that we are having serious labor difficulties in Minneapolis and St.Paul.

The Stage Hands discontinued service last Saturday night – Operators and Musicians are still at work in all theater. However, we do not know at what moment the Stage Hands walk-out will effect Operators and Musicians.

I am, therefore, going to suggest that you make a hurried and thorough survey of your town and drop me a line immediately, giving me the name of anyone in your town, who is capable of operating machines stating the name, address phone number and what kind of a machine he can operate.

Do the same thing as related to Musicians.

Remember we are keeping the theatres open in Minneapolis and St, Paul and need all the assistance we can get if we are to continue doing this.

Get this information to us at once. Remember the help must, of course be Non-union.

Yours very truly


W.A. Steffes
As President


The foregoing is a copy of a letter sent to country towns in the Northwest by W. A. Steffes, president of the Northwest Theatre Owners’ Association, in his search for strikebreakers to man the jobs of stage employes, motion picture operators, scenic artists, bill posters, and musicians involved in the Twin City theatrical strike and lockout. The letter was evidently sent broadcast throughout the Northwest.

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Citation “Imported Strikebreakers Take Jobs of Minneapolis–St. Paul Taxpayers,” Minneapolis Labor Review, September 27, 1927.
Location MinneapolisMinnesotaSaint Paul
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