“Theater Men Give Version of Row”

Artifact Type Mainstream Media, Sources
Publication St. Paul Pioneer Press
Page Number 2
Place St. Paul, MN
Publication Date September 22, 1927
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Headline: “Theater Men Give Version of Row”

Subhead: Newspaper Advertisement Declare Stage Employes Tried to Dictate Personnel.

Following announcement Wednesday that the Musicians’ Union has authorized calling of a strike among Twin Cities musicians in two weeks, in sympathy with the striking stage hands and motion picture operators, the Northwest Theater Owners’ association today resorted to advertisements in newspapers to place the theater owners’ side of the controversy before the public.

Performances continue as usual.

The advertisements of the theater owners declare the stage employes, who first went out, asked seven days’ pay for six days’ work; the right to say who should work in each theater despite the owner’s wishes; insists on using 10 men in two theaters where six always have been employed; demand a guarantee of 30 weeks work in the legitimate theaters which were open 14 weeks last year annd [sic] require segregation of all departments, so that a carpenter cannot hold a ladder for an electrician.

Archive Minnesota Historical Society
Citation “Theater Men Give Version of Row,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, September 22, 1927.
Location MinnesotaSaint Paul