“Theater Bombed on W. Broadway”

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Publication Minneapolis Journal
Page Number 1
Place Minneapolis, MN
Publication Date October 10, 1927
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Headline: “Theater Bombed on W. Broadway”

Subhead: Police Search Fails After Early Morning Blast—Damage Slight

Bombers attempted to blow up the Logan theater at West Broadway and Oliver avenue N., early today, but failed to gain access to the tehater and the blast did little damage except to the rear of the building and to the projection screen at the rear of the house.

The theater is operated by W. A. Steffes, secretary of the Northwest Theater Owners’ Association.

The blast occurred two hours after the last patrons had left the building. The only person in the structure was Mike Feldon, 1827 Irving avenue N., watchman, who was sweeping near the orchestra pit. He said that a moment before the explosion he heard an automobile go through the alley.

A call was sent in to the North Side police station, which dispatched patrolmen and detectives to the neighborhood of the theater. Although a thorough search was made of the neighborhood, no arrests were made.

Police said the bomb had been placed on a ledge near the back door, and was filled with dynamite, like the bomb which damaged the rear of the Famous Players–Lasky film exchange, 110 First avenue N., the night of September 20, because the force of the blast was downward.

The bombing of the film exchange also failed to do serious damage, although windows in the building and surrounding buildings were broken. Six men who were arrested soon after the explosion, were released after questioning. A $3,500(?) reward was offered by the exchanges, the Minneapolis Film Board of Trade and the Northwest Theater Owners, but no further arrests have been made.

Archive Minnesota Historical Society
Citation “Theater Bombed on W. Broadway,” Minneapolis Journal, October 10, 1927.
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