“Stage Employees Ask One Day Off During Week; Operators Out”

Artifact Type Labor Newspapers, Sources
Publication Minneapolis Labor Review
Number X63
Page Number 1–2
Place Minneapolis, MN
Publication Date September 23, 1927
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Headline: “Stage Employees Ask One Day Off During Week; Operators Out”

Subhead: Question of Increase in Wages Is Not Involved Say Officials of Union

Vaudeville, Burlesque, “Legit” and Motion Picture Houses

Are Affected Stage employees and motion picture operators at the Gayety, Metropolitan, Palace, Shubert, Hennepin-Orpheum, Pantages, Logan, Seventh Street, and all Finkelstein & Ruben theaters are on strike, and operators in all other Minneapolis theaters, with the exception of eight, have been locked out. When the Labor Review went to press late Wednesday night, the only theaters in Minneapolis not involved in either strikes or lockouts were the Dewey, 38 Washington avenue S.; Cozy, 405 Plymouth avenue; Miles Standish, 3736 Twenty-third avenue S.; Stockholm, 103 Washington avenue S., and the Elite, 2519 Twenty-seventh avenue S. Those five were operating- as usual with their regular union operators, the managers having refused to join the lockout instigated by the Theatre Owners’ association. The Glenwood, 1221 Western avenue; Homewood, 1919 Plymouth avenue, and the Liberty, 1013 Sixth avenue N. assumed a neutral stand between owners and the union and closed their doors for the duration of the controversy.

The trouble arose when the owners refused to grant stage employes one day’s rest in seven. After all efforts at a peaceable adjustment had been exhausted, the stage hands struck Sunday morning. The theatres attempted to operate with nonunion help and this led to a walkout Tuesday night of all motion picture operators in all the Finkelstein & Ruben show houses. The F. & R. theatres employ both stage hands and picture operators, as do the Palace, Pantages, Seventh street and Hennepin-Orpheum.

Wednesday night at 6 p. m. strictly motion picture houses employing no stage hands joined in the fight by declaring a lockout of their operators, making the theatrical scrap almost universal in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

In spite of claims made by the owners’ association, union officials strenuously deny that any issue is involved in this controversy except the question of allowing the stage employes one day off from work during the week. Theatres attempting to operate under nonunion conditions in Minneapolis are:

Gayety, 101 Washington avenue N.
Metropolitan, 318 Marquette avenue.
Palace, 411 Hennepin avenue.
Shubert, 26 Seventh street N.
Garrick, 42 Seventh street S.
State, 805 Hennepin avenue.
Hennepin-Orpheum, 910 Hennepin avenue.
Pnntages, 710 Hennepin avenue.
Seventh Street, 21 Seventh street S.
Aster, 607 Hennepin avenue.
Strand, 36 Seventh street S.
Unique, 520 Hennepin avenue.
Lyric, 711 Hennepin avenue.
Grand, 619 Hennepin avenue.
Crystal, 305 Hennepin avenue.
Savoy, 212 Hennepin avenue.
Bijou, 20 Washington avenue N.
Loring, 1405 Nicollet avenue.
Agate, 2223 Enst Franklin.
Alhanibra, 3211 Penn avenue N.
American, 16 East Lake Street.
Broadway, 1006 West Broadway.
Camden, 4217 Washington avenue N.
East Lake, 1537 East Lake street.
El Lago, 35th avenue S. and Lake street.
Empress, 412 West Broadway.
Gopher, 1706 Fourth avenue S.
Heights, 3949 Central avenue.
lone, 399 Cedar avenue.
Lasoon. 2902 Hennepin avenue.
Lake, 2721 East Lake street.
La Salle, 2541 Nicollet avenue.
Lyndale, 2932 Lyndale avenue S.
Minnehaha, 3954 Minnehaha.
Arion, 2318 Central avenue.
Franklin, 1021 East Franklin.
New Lake, 35 West Lake street.
Logan, 2027 West Broadway.
Park, 725 Tenth street S.
Southern, 1420 Washington avenue S.
Nokomis, 3749 Chicago avenue.
Princess, 12 Fourth street N. E.
Rinlto, 735 East Lake Street.
Ritz, 347 Thirteenth avenue N. E.
Rosebund, 1506 East Lake street.
Vista, 713 Cedar avenue.
University, 1308 Fourth street S. E.

In addition to the foregoing list, which it is suggested readers clip and keep for a “stay away list” during this controversy, there are the notorious Wonderland, 27 Washington avenue S., and the Robbinsdale, at Robbinsdale, both of which were unfair to organized labor before the strike and lockout took place this week.

Theatrical scenic artists and billposters are also involved in the controversy.

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Citation “Stage Employees Ask One Day Off During Week; Operators Out,” Minneapolis Labor Review, September 23, 1927.
Location MinnesotaSaint Paul
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