“Parley Seeks to End Stage Strike”

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Publication Minneapolis Journal
Page Number 6
Place Minneapolis
Publication Date October 9, 1927
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Headline: “Parley Seeks to End Stage Strike”

Subhead: Employees and Theater Owners Resume Conference After 15-Hour Debate

After nearly 15 hours of continuous negotiations in an effort to end the strike of Twin City theater employees, a conference of national and state union officials, theater owners and a representative of the United States department of labor resumed their meeting shortly after midnight last night.

The strikers were represented by Charles Crickmore, Seattle, and Edward Tenny, Youngstown, Ohio, representing the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees; Fred W. Birnbach, representing the international organization of the American Federations of Musicians, and John P. Rossiter, representing the state unit of the musicians. Mr. Rossiter is also president and Mr. Birnbach secretary of the Minneapolis Musicians Union.

Fred Keightly, commissioner of conciliation of the United States Department of Labor, was acting as mediator.

Theodore Hays, president and W. A. Steffes, secretary of the the Northwest Theater Owners Association; Frank N. Phelps, Chicago representing the Orpheum circuit, and individual theater owners of the Twin Cities were also present.

The strike started nearly a month ago when stage hands walked out after refusal of theater owners to grant their demand for one day off with pay each week. They were followed a few days later by the motion picture operators and 10 days later by the musicians.

Negotiations started yesterday were the first since the walkout. Theaters have continued to operate with non-union crews.

Archive Minnesota Historical Society
Citation “Parley Seeks to End Stage Strike,” Minneapolis Journal, October 9, 1927.
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