“Orchestras Go Out of F. & R. Theatres”

Artifact Type Sources, Trade Journals
Publication Variety
Volume 87
Number 12
Page Number 4
Place New York, NY
Publication Date July 6, 1927
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Headline: “Orchestras Go Out of F. & R. Theatres”

Subhead: Economy Move by Exhibs Over Summer—May Continue It

Minneapolis, July 5.

Taking their cue from the producers who are talking about slashing overheads, Finkelstein & Ruben, exhibitors, have started paring expenses wherever they feel that the knife can be applied.

As the first step, they have eliminated orchestras during week days in the four Twin City houses which boast this feature. In the case of the local State theatre, their ace house, having an 18-piece orchestra, the saving amounts to over $100 a day and $500 on the week. A similar saving is effected at the Capitol, St. Paul. The orchestras are on the job Saturday and Sunday afternoons the same as at night.

The present plan is to continue the non-orchestra week-day matinees only during the summer month, but if patrons are as satisfied in the weeks to come as they have been during the past fortnight, and if satisfactory arrangements can be made with the musicians’ union, it is believed in local theatrical circles that the proposition will be made permanent.

Admission at the State and Capital is 60 cents at nights, 50 cents at Saturday and Sunday matinees and 35 cents at week-day afternoons. Both houses have Vitaphone installastions, the finest of organs and splendid organists. On the whole, week-day matinee business in this city is very slim. At the State during the past two weeks, however, due to exceptional box office attractions (kiddies’ revue and the Minneapolis movie) the afternoon trade has been heavy, running close to capacity for the most part. Patrons at these matinees apparently have not missed the orchestra and there have been no complaints. The organ and the Vitaphone appear to be supplying all the music desired. An electric piano attachment to the organ varies the music.

As far as the State, at least, is concerned, there has been no necessity for retrenchment. During the past season this house has done the biggest business in its history and has made a mint of money for Finkelstein & Ruben. The summer has not brought any let-down. If anything, grosses are running higher than ever.

The house has a splendid cooling plant and even last week, when temperatures went as high as 36, trade was brisk both matinees and nights—this without the orchestra at the matinees.

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Citation “Orchestras Go Out of F. & R. Theatres,” Variety, July 6, 1927.
Location MinneapolisMinnesotaSaint Paul
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