“Northwest Theater Men Meet in Move Against Producers”

Artifact Type Mainstream Media, Sources
Publication Saint Paul Dispatch
Place Saint Paul, MN
Publication Date February 5, 1929
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Headline: “Northwest Theater Men Meet in Move Against Producers”

Subhead: 200 Independents, in Mill City, Protest Exhibition of Films — Introduction of Sound and “Talkies” Blamed

Foremost amoung matters to be considered at what the theater owners termed an indignation meeting is the alleged refusal of motion picture producers to approve talking movie equipment not manufactured under their direction or supervision. As a result, it was asserted talking or sound pictures seldom are head outside chain houses operated by the producers.

Breach Has Widened.

The breach between the producers and independent exhibitors in this respect has been widening since talking and sound pictures were introduced, said Abram F. Myers, former chairman of the Federal Trade commission and now general counsel for the Allied States’ Association of Motion Picture Exhibitors, who is attending the meeting.

“Under the system now in vogue,” Mr. Meyers said, “the independent owners are practically unable to obtain any of the talking or sound motion pictures. The producers have the last say in approving the machines used and unless the independents have installed the machines manufactured by these producers, instead of others that are cheaper and equally good, they withhold their sanction with resultant hardship on the exhibitors.”

Citation “Northwest Theater Men Meet in Move Against Producers,” Saint Paul Dispatch, February 5, 1929.
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