“North Side Theater Bombed”

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Publication Minneapolis Tribune
Page Number 1
Place Minneapolis, MN
Publication Date October 10, 1927
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Headline: “North Side Theater Bombed”

Subhead: Logan Movie House Ripped by Explosion

Charge Tears Hole in Steel Door at Rear of Building.


District Residents Are Awakened by Detonation After Midnight.


Proprietor and Patrolman Standing Nearby at Time of Blast.


People living in the vicinity of Oliver avenue north and West Broadway were awakened by an explosion that partly wrecked the rear end of the Logan picture theater, 2027 West Broadway, at 1:10 a.m. Monday.

Herman Jeub, owner of the building, was standing at the front of the theater at the time in conversation with a patrolman. They ran to the rear of the building, but could see no one.

Rips Hole in Steel Door.

An examination showed that the bomb, which is supposed to have caused the blast, was placed in such a position that it tore a hole through the steel-covered back door, and also ripped two holes through the projection screen some 10 feet away. Otherwise little damage was done. Most of the force of the explosion appears to have expended itself on the outside, according to Patrolman O. F. Johnson, who made the first investigation.

According to Mr. Jeub, comparatively small damage was done, and no one was injured.

Northside police made a thorough search of the neighborhood, taking in several blocks in all directions from the Logan theater. Nothing was discovered, however, that would aid the police in identifying the bombers.

Second Blast in Month.

On the night of September 30, the Famous Players–Lasky Film exchange building at 1100 First avenue north, was blombed. Two men were seen hastening from the vicinity just before the explosion. Police failed to find these two men. Immediately after the explosion, six members of the Minneapolis local of the stage employes union were arrested as they were leaving strike headquarters at 818 Hennepin avenue. It was proven conclusively that they had nothing to do with the bombing, and they were released.

The Paramount Famous Lasky corporation, the Minneapolis Film Board of Trade and the Northwest Theater Owners’ association have offered rewards aggregating $2000(?) for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons who bombed the film exchange.

Archive Minnesota Historical Society
Citation “North Side Theater Bombed,” Minneapolis Tribune, October 10, 1927.
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