“Musicians to Join Stage Hand Strike”

Artifact Type Mainstream Media, Sources
Publication St. Paul Dispatch
Page Number 2
Place St. Paul, MN
Publication Date September 21, 1927
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Headline: “Musicians to Join Stage Hand Strike”

Subhead: Union Gives Theaters Two Weeks’ Notice on Authorization From Headquarters.

Authorization for the Musicians’ union to join striking stage hands and motion picture operators was received from national headquarters late Tuesday in St. Paul and Minneapolis and two weeks notice was tendered the theater managers immediately.

Despite the suddenness of the calling out of the motion picture operators Tuesday night, no interruption to the programs was made. House employes manned the machines and although in some cases there were several breaks in the showing of films, the programs were run off on time.

Calling out of the musicians in two weeks is not expected to interfere with the theatrical business here as all houses concerned have a list of musicians they can call on.

Definite assurances that the Actors’ Equity, the union of performers, would not interfere in the Twin Cities fight was given late Tuesday. This would permit the legitimate, vaudeville and stock houses to operate without interruption.

It was understood that no pickets would be posted in St. Paul in front of theaters. Minneapolis, however, is not in this agreement and pickets were stationed in front of all theaters in which there is a strike as soon as the picture operators were called out.

Archive Minnesota Historical Society
Citation “Musicians to Join Stage Hand Strike,” St. Paul Dispatch, September 21, 1927.
Location MinneapolisMinnesotaSaint Paul
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