“Musicians Ready to Quit Theaters”

Artifact Type Mainstream Media, Sources
Publication Minneapolis Journal
Page Number 2
Place Minneapolis, MN
Publication Date September 24, 1927
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Headline: “Musicians Ready to Quit Theaters”

Subhead: Walkout Scheduled Saturday Night as Sympathy Demonstration

Union musicians employed in all theaters in the Twin Cities are scheduled to walk out in a sympathetic strike with stagehands, motion picture operators, electricians, bill posters and scene shifters, Saturday night. If musicians go out, union theater employees on strike will number nearly 500.

Theaters will remain open, despite the strike, W. A. Steffes, secretary of the Northwest Theater Owners Association, announced Saturday.

Union stagehands started the strike last week, when they walked out after theater owners had refused demands for one day off a week with pay. Motion picture operators, electricians, bill posters and stagehands followed suit within a few days. The musicians are the latest to take up the strike.

Musicians are walking out on telephone orders from national headquarters.

A dozen theaters in Minneapolis now are being picketed. In some instances, theater posters have been covered with union signs.

Archive Minnesota Historical Society
Citation “Musicians Ready to Quit Theaters,” Minneapolis Journal, September 24, 1927.
Location MinneapolisMinnesotaSaint Paul
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