“Movie Operators Strike”

Artifact Type Mainstream Media, Sources
Publication New York Times
Page Number 48
Place New York, NY
Publication Date August 24, 1927
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Headline: “Movie Operators Strike”

Subhead: Protest Walkout Affects Orpheum Circuit in Chicago.

Special to the New York Times. 

CHICAGO, August 23.—Moving picture operators called a strike at the Belmont Theatre today, and by night it had spread to other theatres of the Orpheum Circuit. The walk-out of the operators did not affect the other theatre employes and the vaudeville performances proceeded as usual.

The operators said the Belmont Theatre had sought to dispense with the services of two of its four operators, claiming that, because of the five acts of vaudeville, there was no need of two operators on each of two shifts. The unionists then walked out and within a short time a sympathetic strike was in progress.

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Citation “Movie Operators Strike,” New York Times, August 24, 1927.
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