“Importance of Publix–F. & R. Deal Stressed”

Artifact Type Sources, Trade Journals
Publication The Film Daily
Volume XLI
Number 67
Page Number 1–2
Place New York, NY
Publication Date September 19, 1927
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Headline: “Importance of Publix–F. & R. Deal Stressed”

Minneapolis — The most discussed topic in local film circles is the deal between Publix and F. and R. The threat of competition in the Minneapolis first run field which was hanging over the F. and R. circuit is now removed by the joint agreement which calls for a participation in the new big Publix theater by both organizations.

Future developments in the theater field likewise will find both organizations participating. However, it is only in the major spots that Publix will be interested. F. and R. is expected to continue its expansion in small towns without Publix sharing in the growth.

The deal on future theater properties is largely like the agreement between Publix and Saenger in the South. Both Publix and Saenger are operating the new Saenger in New Orleans as partners. Saenger is continuing its present operations as is Publix, but on future activities the organizations are partners.

For Paramount, the F. and R. deal will be exceedingly important since “preferred treatment” for the Paramount product is guaranteed by F. and R. in all of the houses in chain — approximately 140.

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Citation “Importance of Publix–F. & R. Deal Stressed,” The Film Daily, September 19, 1927.
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