“F.&R.–Saxe Conferences Postponed by Non-Arrival”

Artifact Type Sources, Trade Journals
Publication The Film Daily
Volume XLI
Number 15
Page Number 1
Place New York, NY
Publication Date July 19, 1927
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Headline: “F.&R.–Saxe Conferences Postponed by Non-Arrival”

Failure of officials of Northwest Theaters (Finkelstein & Ruben) Minneapolis, and Saxe Enterprises, Milwaukee, to arrive in New York, led to postponement of conferences with Hayden & Stone in connection with reported plans to pool their circuits. The Middle West Theater operators are expected to arrive today or tomorrow.

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Citation “F.&R.–Saxe Conferences Postponed by Non-Arrival,” The Film Daily, July 19, 1927.
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