“The Collective Spirit”

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Publication Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (brochure)
Page Number 2
Place Hollywood, CA
Publication Date July 15, 1930
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Headline: “The Collective Spirit”

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is an organization uniting into one body all branches of motion picture production for the welfare of the industry as a whole. It serves and represents the cultural and profes­sional aspects of this major modern art and business.

The Academy embodies the collective spirit and genius of the creators of motion pictures, its membership including the leading actors, di­rectors, writers, technicians, and producing executives.

Within the industry it provides a common meeting ground for the conciliation of internal differences, for friendly interchange of ideas and for the solution of problems to the general benefit. It is both a forum for the specialized crafts within the industry and the instrument of their harmonious relationship.

Recognizing the responsibility of the artists of the motion picture industry in society, the Academy builds good will by bringing the pub­lic and those who make pictures into closer contact. It furthers the honor and good re­pute of the profession.

Focusing always on constructive progress the Academy is devoted to the advancement of the arts and sciences of motion pictures. It signalizes distinctive achievements and con­stantly fosters high standards in the multiple activities of motion picture production.

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Citation “The Collective Spirit,” Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (brochure), July 15, 1930.
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