“Independent Threat Halted Wage Slash?”

Artifact Type Sources, Trade Journals
Publication The Film Daily
Volume XLI
Number 24
Page Number 1, 4
Place New York, NY
Publication Date July 29, 1927
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Headline: “Independent Threat Halted Wage Slash?”

Willingness of bankers to finance independent units of stars and directors which might have been formed had the proposed salary reduction been put into effect, caused producers to abandon plans for general salary slashing, Allan Dwan yesterday told members of the A. M. P. A.

“The only employes hit by the retrenchment were stenographers and others who are not highly paid,” said Dwan.

Dwan expressed his regret at the passing of Eastern production, but asserted it is likely that a year hence will find the producers returning to New York studios.

George O’Brien and Captain Felix Reisenberg, author of “East Side, West Side” were introduced by Vivian Moses. Madeline Hurlock Mack Sennett star, was among the speakers. Walter F. Eberhardt, presided.

A silent prayer was offered to the memory of June Mathis.

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Citation “Independent Threat Halted Wage Slash?,” The Film Daily, July 29, 1927.
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