“Burning the Records”

Artifact Type Labor Newspapers, Sources
Publication The Labor Defender
Volume II
Number 11
Page Number 174
Place New York, NY
Publication Date November 1927
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Headline: “Burning the Records”

WILL HAYS is the czar of moviedom. He decides what shall be shown on the motion picture screens throughout the country. Ostensibly his job is to see that nothing salacious or indecent is produced at Hollywood so that the morals of tens of millions of movie-goers shall not be corrupted.

Recently, however, Hay s showed his hand as a labor-baiting censor. The Exhibitor’s Herald, a motion picture trade journal carried a news item to the effect that all news reels taken of the Sacco-Vanzetti demonstrations, and so forth, are to be destroyed.

Thus all cinema records of this world-famous case will be lost to the working class forever. Not only are the prints to be destroyed but the negatives have been ordered to be burned also.

The united enemies of Sacco and Vanzetti want to close the books of the case; they want to have us all forget. But we will not forget, and reply to the murderers by the organization of our activities to build a labor defense movement to avenge the death of our two martyred comrades.

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Citation Rose Baron, “Burning the Records,” The Labor Defender, November 1927.