“11 Twin City Theatres Joined to Publix Chain”

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Publication New York Times
Page Number 30
Place New York, NY
Publication Date March 28, 1928
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Headline: “11 Twin City Theatres Joined to Publix Chain”

Subhead: Northwest Paramount Takes Over Former Finkelstein and Ruben Houses.

Special to The New York Times.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., March 27.—Eleven twin city theatres owned by the Twin City Amusement Trust Estate and formerly operated by Finkelstein & Ruben, today were taken over by the new operating corporation, Northwest Paramount, headed by Sam Katz of New York, President of the Publix Circuit.

Incorporators of the new company are Sam Katz, F. L. Metzler, New York; William Hamm, St. Paul; and Mose Finkelstein, Minneapolis. I. H. Ruben, Harold D. Finkelstein and Edmund R. Ruben, members of the Finkelstein & Ruben concern, are not included as members of the new company in the articles of incorporation.

Northwest Paramount has a capitalization of $100,000. Mr. Hamm announced today that it would be merely an operating company.


At the offices of Sam Katz, President of Publix Theatres, here it was said yesterday that Publix had bought an interest four months ago not only in the eleven theatres mentioned in Minneapolis and St. Paul but also in nearly ninety others in the Finkelstein and Ruben theatre chain in Minnesota and Montana. Publix, it was said, had bought 49 per cent. of the stock in these theatres, and there had been an agreement with Paramount–Famous Lasky to furnish the bulk of the pictures for these houses. Publix is the theatre division of Paramount.

William Fox, motion picture producers, distributer and exhibitor, has been negotiating for some time with Finkelstein and Ruben for the purchase of a portion of their remaining interest in the theatre chain. This deal, it was said here yesterday, was expected to be made, and in that event Fox and Paramount will be partners in this chain of houses.

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Citation “11 Twin City Theatres Joined to Publix Chain,” New York Times, March 28, 1928.
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